Design Lab

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We work with district & community thought leaders to design curriculum, programmatic and process solutions that will ensure graduates are Life Ready.


We have an inventory of curriculum and program solutions in development and are looking for partners to finalize design, testing & publication/distribution. A few of our curriculum and program areas of focus include:

  • School District CI (Continuous Improvement)
  • Students, Technology and Health Solutions (K-12)
  • Life Ready Solutions (K-12)
  • Student Hackathon Certification
  • School District Voice Box


  • Student, staff and community driven solutions
  • Local authorship, local ownership
  • The tools, tactics and resources for staff and student success


What to Expect as a Client

  • Academic rigor
  • Aligned learning standards
  • Excellence in:
    • Design
    • Instructional outcomes/tools
    • Assessment
    • Customer Service/Customer Support
  • Student-centered design with learning styles in mind

Working with school district communities to assess & reimagine some of the 17,000 hours students spend at school.