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17000.Solutions is a network of creative professionals dedicated to the continuous improvement of public school function, impact and student experience. We provide an array of services centered around research, engagement, and solution design.

Team| Rich Hazzard, Founder/Executive Director                              

About Me| I’m an experienced strategic planner, program designer, researcher and storyteller with a reputation for effective collaboration & facilitation, creative problem solving and building things of value.

  • I have founded with a commitment to collaborative research and design of K-12 solutions that will improve school district function, impact and student experience.
  • I am proud of the work I’ve done working for school districts and with community centers designing and delivering innovative education programs. Additionally, I take pride in the collaborative strategic and operational achievements I have made in business.
  • I earned my:
    • BA degree from Connecticut College majoring in English & American History
    • Washington State Teaching Certificate from Antioch University – Seattle
    • Masters degree in Education from Antioch University – Seattle
  • When not working I enjoy family, dogs, movies, basketball, good and bad tv, a healthy debate… and comedy.

I am committed to building an organization that will influence k-12 education at scale and that people want to be a part of!

Qualifications |

  • You can see a summary of my work experience here.



Team| Erin Freeman, Founding Partner, Research & Communication

About Me| I’m an avid researcher, accomplished student, and a skilled writer with an interest in visual & social media communication strategies.

  • My work helping launch has included primary and secondary research and analysis, web strategy and content development, project management and curriculum research and development.
  • My studies at Washington State University have informed my perspective on the importance of working with people, as very few things of note are achieved alone. They have nourished my passion for the steady accumulation of knowledge, gained through learning from, and empathizing with, the experiences of others.
  • My experience working at Starbucks provided valuable immersion into a nationwide network of inclusion, by celebrating and connecting with diverse needs and perspectives, through communication-driven customer service.
  • My education:
    • AA degree from Everett Community College (Running Start)
    • High School diploma from Everett High School
    • I will graduate from WSU in Spring of 2019 with a degree in English with a specialization in Rhetoric and Professional Writing and a Minor in Political Science
  • When not working I enjoy family, friends, reading, learning, cooking, smiling till my cheeks are sore and laughing till my ribs hurt.

I am committed to supporting any effort that evolves public education from a place where a person should be able to succeed, into a space where they, without a doubt, will be able to.



Team| Nate Faber, Founding Partner, Web Strategy & Development

About Me|I’m a motivated student and a dedicated developer interested in software development, specifically web and UX/UI design

  • My work supporting includes web development, design and analysis and a variety of research tasks.
  • My studies at Everett Community College have expanded my knowledge and understanding of diverse topics and has challenged me to come up with “out of the box” solutions to difficult problems. They have encouraged my passion for learning about new and unique technologies.
  • My experience working at Under Armour provided extensive experience in customer service, goal-centric task completion, and team-oriented collaboration.
  • My education:
    • High School diploma from Marysville Getchell High School
    • I will graduate from EvCC in Summer of 2019 with an associates degree in arts and Sciences. I plan to transfer to the UW Bothell Computer Science and Software Engineering program in the fall of 2019.
  • When not working I enjoy family, friends, football, documentary films, photography, and playing with my dog.

I am committed to working towards a cause that strives to improve the quality, safety, and efficiency of public education.


Team| Don Gregory, President, OnTarget Research

About Me| I’m a research specialist and experienced process improvement expert with a reputation for delivering meaningful and actionable research.

  • I established OnTarget Research and Consulting 15 years ago and have successfully served a wide range of regional and national organizations at various stages of maturity.
  • I have a strong conviction that successful organizations must manage the processes that lead to success; consistently measure performance and modify strategies and tactics as needed to improve performance and impact.
  • Specific areas of concentration include building powerful brands, creating loyal customers and driving performance.
  • I earned my degree in journalism and communication from Western Washington University.
  • When not working I enjoy going for long runs, playing golf, spending time with my grandkids or enjoying a relaxing dinner with my wife, Debbie.

I am committed to leveraging sound research methodology and analysis to assist school district leaders in their efforts to continuously improve schools for the students they serve.

Qualifications | You can learn more about me and OnTarget here.


Team | Andrew Cline, President, Cline Consulting                           

About Me| I’m a leadership and organizational development coach, trainer and mediator. I’ve been working since before the year 2000 (!) with organizations worldwide, helping leaders develop long-term and highly effective teams to lead with transparency and authenticity.

  • I bring a calm and focused demeanor while engaging with others, providing a space where clients feel supported through one-on-one attention and coaching
  • I understand that everything boils down to the practicality of improving current situations, recognize the visioning and hard work it takes for organizations to build on their successes and move into the future – and to learn from experience.
  • My areas of concentration include change and transition management, executive coaching, board governance, strategy development and implementation, building effective communication skills, leadership development and conflict resolution/mediation.
  • I earned a Masters in Applied Behavioral Science with an emphasis in Organization Development and Executive Coaching from the Leadership Institute of Seattle. My undergraduate was a double degree in English Literature and Biology.
  • I love my work, but when not working I enjoy reading poetry, practicing martial arts, and running mountain trails. I’m also a recreational beekeeper. Oh – and helping to raise two sons!

I am committed to helping school board members, district superintendents and administrators realize their full individual and collective potential.

Qualifications | You can learn more about me and Cline Consulting here.


Working with school district communities to assess & reimagine some of the 17,000 hours students spend at school.