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We have an on-going commitment to soliciting input from K-12 communities and to leverage stakeholder feedback to support the continual improvement of school district function, impact and student experience.

Our research includes:

  • A focus on Washington State and national data collection
  • In-depth research of public school alumni, parents, teachers and district stakeholders
  • Holistic assessment of the five areas of school district influence and control
    • facilities
    • curriculum
    • instruction
    • school & district culture
    • school & district leadership & administration

What will your community have to say that might inform your school district continual improvement efforts?


We have an on-going, in-depth survey of public school alumni soliciting their perspective on the value and impact of their K-12 experience.

Sample overview:

  • 1100+ completed surveys
    • 350+ from Washington State
    • 800+ Nationally

You can see a downloadable Executive Summary of our initial findings here.

If you would like to schedule an appointment to talk with us about our research click here.

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Our Survey Instruments

  • You can take or review our alumni survey here.
  • We will be staging in-depth surveys of K-12 teachers and K-12 alumni re: Career Connected Learning/Career & Technical Education later this year.

Working with school district communities to assess & reimagine some of the 17,000 hours students spend at school.